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Enrollment & Registration

For students new to Shorewood High School, getting ready to attend takes two steps: Enrollment and registration.


Step 1: Enrolling in Shoreline School District

Students who are not currently enrolled in a Shoreline school and live within the boundary for Shorewood High School must enroll online before registering for classes.

Learn More and Enroll

Documents required for enrollment:

  • Proof of residency (such as utility bill, mortgage statement, or lease agreement)
  • Immunization records
  • Unofficial transcript or academic record (when a student is accepted, Shorewood will request an official student record from their prior school)

Step 2: Class Registration

Class Registration for New Shorewood Students

When enrollment has been completed, please complete the grade-appropriate course request from:

9th Grade Registration Form
10th Grade Registration Form
11th Grade Registration Form
12th Grade Registration Form

Important Information About Class Request Forms

These documents are PDFs that may be completed electronically using Acrobat Reader or similar service; however, they require student and parent/guardian signature, so they must be printed, signed, and then scanned in or a clear mobile photo taken.

When completing the form, take note of the required areas and ensure a course is requested in each of those credit areas. Overall credit requested will add up to a total of more credits than a student will actually take. This ensures options, as elective spaces may be limited in requested courses, period conflicts may arise, or a requested course may not run due to low overall request numbers. It is also possible that a student will be placed in a class that they did not request due to availability or period conflict; and meeting graduation requirements will be the primary consideration when such class placement is made.

The Shoreline School District Course Guide is a useful resource when selecting classes:

2024-25 Course Guide

Submit completed class registration forms to:


Registrar Lexi Langsted


Contact Ms. Langsted about:

  • Student enrollment
  • Class registration
  • Student withdrawal
  • Changes to student information

Counseling Secretary Pam Hurley


Contact Ms. Hurley about:

Other Incoming Students

Class Registration for Current Shorewood, Einstein, and Cascade K-8 Students