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School Leadership

The School Staff, Administration and Attendance offices can easily be reached by telephone at 206.393.4372. By calling the school’s main number you will reach a directory to connect you to the school’s basic services.


Bill Dunbar, Principal - 206.393.4374
Nancy Elder, Assistant Principal - 206.393.4375
Melyssa Stone, Assistant Principal - 206.393.4379
Genevieve Fernandez, Dean of Students - 206.393.4394


Nick Hurtado, Security Monitor - 206.393.4391
Charles Brown, Security Monitor - 206.393.4391

Office Staff

Kelly Martinez, Office Manager - 206.393.4371
Jordan Davidson, Main Office Secretary - 206.393.4372
Lexi Langsted, Registrar - 206.393.4398
Joann Fukuma, Athletic Director - 206.393.6135
Wendi Lynagh, ASB/Business Office - 206.393.4387
Pam Hurley, Counseling Secretary - 206.393.6122
Laura Steiner, Attendance Secretary - 206.393.4378
Sandra O'Reilly, School Nurse - 206.393.4386

Bill Dunbar, Principal

Dear Shorewood Students, Families and Community Members:

The Shorewood High School mission statement promises “success for every student.”  In order to meet that promise, we must each do our part.

Students, the greatest responsibility rests with you since your time at Shorewood is part of your education.  The school program includes a variety of exciting choices and experiences that can be fulfilling in their own right and that can lead you to your future.  Work hard, make good choices, and get involved in the school community.  Make the most of your time at Shorewood!

Familes, staff and community members, I ask you to join me in a school partnership that has served students for nearly forty years.  We are committed to provide a safe, inclusive community with stellar academic and technical preparation, career readiness, and co-curricular activities.  We embrace diversity, responsibility, and personal growth.

Welcome to Shorewood High School and good luck to our students on their educational journey!
Bill Dunbar

Appointments:  (206) 393-4371, Kelly Martinez, Office Manager



Bill Dunbar, MIT, MEd

Principal, Shorewood High School 

Shoreline Public Schools

(206) 393-4374- office


Educator since 1986, Certified Principal, English Language Arts, Social Studies and Spanish Teacher, Former NOLS Instructor

Administrator in Shoreline since 2000

BA, University of Vermont

MIT, Seattle University

MEd, University of Washington

Superintendent Certificate, WWU