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School Profile


Directly north of Seattle city limits, Shoreline is home to over 56,800 people. 9538 students in the Shoreline School District attend two four-year high schools, two middle schools and nine elementary schools.


Shorewood is a comprehensive high school with programs for a wide range of students with specific academic needs and learning style differences.

  • 1540 students in grades 9-12 (2022-23)

  • 89% 4-year cohort graduation rate (2022)

  • 80% of graduates enroll in college, 51% of those in four-year colleges and universities

  • WIAA League: WESCO 3A

  • Free and Reduced Lunch 26.9%; Low Income 31.0%

  • Special Education (IEP) 10.9%

  • Demographics: African American/Black 9.0%; American Indian/Alaska Native 0.4%; Asian 13.5%; Hawaiian/Pacific Islander 0.8%; Hispanic/Latino 17.0%; Multiracial 11.8%; White 47.5%.

  • More than 25% of students speak a World Language other than English at home 


88 Certificated Teachers; 13.8 year avg experience 

77.0% have Masters Degrees

31.0% National Board Certified

5.2 Counselors, 325/1 Ratio

College & Career Counseling Services


In Spring of 2020, we were on a remote model from March through June. 2020-21 was a remote instruction model on a 3x3 schedule. Students took a 3 period schedule with 0.5 credit per quarter. In April 2021, 52% of students returned to in-person learning with low density half day attendance. We opened for full-time instruction at full occupancy in September 2021 with modifications.


Silver Award Winner, US News and World Report Best High Schools 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017


Each semester class earns .50 credit. 24 credits are required for graduation, distributed as follows:

4.0 English credits

3.0 Social Studies credits

3.0 Science credits

3.0 Math credits (in Algebra I and above)

2.0 Physical Education/Health credits 

2.0* Fine Arts credit

2.0* World Language credit

1.0 Occupational/CTE/Voc credit

4.0 Elective credits

*1.0 may be substituted w/ personalized pathway course

Additional Requirements

High School &  Beyond Plan - WA State Requirement 


During full in-person instruction, students typically take six classes per 90-day semester and earn six credits per year on a modified block schedule. All students are issued Chromebooks.


85.7% of students took a dual credit course

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses: 18

Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) offered one class per grade

Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses include: Anatomy & Physiology, Culinary Arts, Jewelry/ Metals, Auto Shop, Business Education, Marketing, Robotics, Introduction to Computer Science, AP Psychology (CTE), AP Computer Science Principles, AP Computer Science A

Multilingual Learners

Running Start, a Washington dual-enrollment program, offered to eligible high school juniors and seniors. One 5-credit community college course = 1.0 high school credit. 

University of Washington (UW) in the High School offers rigorous courses with optional dual enrollment.


We offer 17 sports and 60 clubs during full operations.