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Shorewood High School Drama Department

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Winter One Acts

One Acts is something Shorewood drama does every winter that allows students to create their own one act long plays and show them back to back in a single performance in the black box. This year, we have six plays being shown in succession at each performance:

Witches - A young witch introduces her new boyfriend to her family, but he doesn't know that they are all witches! 

The Greatest Bedtime Story - A father tells his son the greatest bedtime story of all time, but his son keeps meddling with the story!

Freud, The Date - Sigmund Freud attempts to go on a dinner date with a girl, but the entire time is fighting his Id and Superego, battling between the Superego's bossiness and the Id's animalistic behavior.

The Flat - A landlord who's just bought his first apartment is looking to lease it to a tenant, but the possible tenants have different quirks about them that makes the landlord hesitant to lease it to them.

The Museum Visit - A reporter visits a museum to get a news story about a new exhibit, but is accompanied by a thief who is there to steal something from the museum and is undercover. Between someone trying to steal something and someone just wanting a good story, shenanigans are sure to be abound! 

Anniversary Day - A man who frequently forgets his anniversary with his wife is assisted by his friends last minute to try and give his wife a nice anniversary, but things don't really go as planned.

Performance dates:
December 18/19 : 
Shorewood Black Box - 7pm

Admission is free! But donations are very welcome.

Previously in the 2022-23 School Year:

Spring Musical: The Prom

Four down on their luck broadway stars visit a small town in Indiana to help a teenage lesbian go to prom in order to boost their publicity, but learn how to be better people through their experiences helping this girl.

Winter One Acts 2022

Four short plays directed and produced by students. Performed in the black box, Nobody Had a Clue, Coffee Wizard, Noir City, and Bite were directed by students Abraham Taddei, Sofia Solano, Ursula Stickelmaier, and Hayley Berkman. 

Fall Play: The Play That Goes Wrong

An unconscious leading lady, a corpse who can't play dead, and a ruffled detective, must battle against forgotten lines, and sabotaging scenery in a quest to arrive all in one piece at the final curtain call.

Bringing Theater to Life

The mission of the Shorewood High School drama program is to provide students with opportunities to develop skills in all aspects of the theater arts through classes and after-school activities and productions. 

Check out the student-updated website learn about

This mission statement is supported by the following objectives:
Shorewood's Drama Department and Thespian Troupe #640 features two Mainstage productions and multiple student performances each year. Based in the Shorewood High School Theater, we welcome anyone in the greater Shoreline area to join us for our high quality, entertaining, and challenging productions.

Shorewood High School Drama Department
17300 Fremont Ave. N, Shoreline WA 98133; 206-393-6825

  • To give students instruction and experience in collaborative work, self-discipline and leadership; To instill in students the concepts of creative self-expression, professionalism, and self-growth;
  • To provide experiences that develop students’ acting, directing, writing, business and technical skills, in which the students themselves are active in all aspects of the creative process;
  • To offer students a variety of performance opportunities with a broad spectrum of literature and genres;
  • To enrich the district’s curricular program with extra-curricular and class performances that extend learning at Shorewood and other schools;
  • To foster appreciation of theater and its creative process by Shorewood students and the Shoreline community;
  • To invite parent and community participation in achieving these objectives.

Upcoming 2023-2024 Shows

The spring musical will be announced on December 15th at the Winter Pep Assembly! Stay tuned for the reveal!