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Career, Technical, & Military Information

Though college gets a lot of attention, there are excellent future options that do not involve college. Here are a few of those options: 

Apprenticeships:  earn as you learn! See our Apprenticeships page and consider a free Pre-Apprenticeship training program. 

Career Training Program:  there are tons of these; some charge fees and others are free. See our Careers & Programs in WA State page. 

Certificate Programs:  these last anywhere from a few months to two years, and involve specialized training for a particular career. Find options with WA Career Bridge's Find Education tool and on local community college websites. Shoreline Community College has 64 Certificate Programs

Military:  there are several ways to enlist and several branches as well. See our Military page for an introduction and resources. 

Volunteer with a program like AmeriCorps. You would earn a stipend for living expenses and work on a project to help a community. United Way of King County has a Seattle-area program that helps students gain skills & experience. Positions usually start in the summer and last for a few months or a year. 

Job Projections

By 2031 in Washington State:

  • 72% of jobs will require some postsecondary training beyond high school
  • Job growth will happen in most industries, especially Healthcare, Community Services & the Arts, and STEM.

Source of information and image:  CEW Projections State Report 2021 and After Everything Jobs Projections 2021

map of United States with states colored by % of jobs that require a postsecondary credential