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infographic with different pathways into construction industry and the average training and education

Graphic from Construction Apprenticeship Guidebook

Apprenticeships are available in hundreds of positions ranging from Accounting Clerk to Machinist, Firefighter to Graphic Arts Technician, Boat Builder to Sheet Metal Worker. See Become an Apprentice and browse the hundreds of occupations in our state with the Find an Apprenticeship tool. Many apprenticeships lead to well-paying, high-demand jobs. Our buildings will always need maintenance; our airplanes and ferries and boats will always need to be put together; our children will always need to be taken care of; our offices will always need workers.  

Most apprenticeships require a high school diploma or GED and have minimum ages of 17 or 18. 

Washington State Labor and Industries Department functions as Apprenticeship central for the state, listing both preparation programs and full apprenticeship programs. See links and files below. 


Local Programs & Events

We list just a few of the hundreds of regional and state programs. Use the tools above right for a comprehensive search.
For graduating students, we recommend the following Pre-Apprenticeships programs:  ANEW, Edmonds College, and Seattle Colleges. 
ANEW Pre-Apprenticeship Programs

Offers 11-week free training programs for construction trades. Partners with several apprenticeship programs and provides job search & interview support. 

Edmonds College Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Program

FREE 10-week Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Program leads to a certificate in Construction Trades Apprenticeship Preparation. This program, held at a training facility near Paine Field, helps improve basic construction-applicable skills and includes employment coaching. Must be 18+. See link or view Edmonds Pre-Apprenticeship Program Intro.  

Level Up Masonry & Marble Apprenticeships

Level Up Masonry Trades trains Bricklayers, Finishers, Marble Masons, Refractory Workers, Restoration Specialists, Stone Masons, and Terazzo Workers. Training is both on-the-job and in class. First year apprentices start at $22/ hour with benefits. Must be 18 and have a driver's license.

Maritime Apprenticeship Program

The Maritime Apprenticeship Program (MAP) offers the fastest track in the industry to a credential as a licensed deck officer. Even with no prior maritime experience, in just over two years, you can obtain a U.S. Coast Guard-issued Mate’s license. Training is both in classrooms and aboard working vessels. Participants must be 19 years old (you can apply 6 months ahead of time), have a high school diploma, be physically fit, and able to pass a math test. MAP has a program with Washington State Ferries as well as other pathways. 

Medical Assistant Apprenticeship Programs

Several healthcare agencies in the area have their own Medical Assistant Apprenticeship Programs:  Virginia Mason, Kaiser Permanente, Washington Association for Community Health. Timelines and current programs vary. The link provided is only one of the programs available. 

North Seattle College Pharmacy Technician Apprenticeship

Nine-month certificate program includes training to pass the certification exam and get a job in this high-demand field. 

Puget Sound Electrical Apprenticeship

The Puget Sound Electrical Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee oversees training programs required to receive certifications in Inside Wire Journey Level  (Construction) Electrician, Limited Energy/Sound and Communication Journey Level Technician, and Residential Journey Level Electrician.

Seattle Pre-Apprenticeship Construction Training

Earn a certificate through the Seattle Vocational Institute, part of Seattle Colleges. The Pre-Apprenticeship Construction Training Program (PACT) includes both classroom instuction and hands-on skill building. Participants obtain several certifications necessary for construction trades. Informational workshops offered. 

Sisters in the Building Trades

This organization supports women in skilled trades. There is an active state chapter.

South Seattle College Apprenticeship Education Center

Every week, over 3000 apprentices train for more than 50 different trades at this facility. The possibilities are wide-ranging, from Iron Worker to Seattle City Light Electrical Worker, to Glassworker, to a Boeing program.  

VOLTA Line School

VOLTA Line School functions as a pre-apprenticeship for the Outside Electrical Industry. NW Line Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee also has full apprenticeship programs in the industry. Informational flyer

Washington Women in Trades Fair each spring

This Trades Fair is open to all students, not just women. Has 100+ exhibitors including representatives from pre-apprenticeship & apprenticeship programs, training programs, agencies, and unions. Includes hands-on activities with equipment, tools, and specialized materials.  No cost to attend, and most years there is no pre-registration required. 

Find Apprenticeships > Find Education. Enter a keyword and select counties, then scroll down for results.  Enter a desired focus and your home zip code, then view options. 

Apprenticeship Preparation Programs list includes programs in a variety of areas, from IT to business as well as skilled trades. by WA L&I. 

Construction Apprenticeship Guidebook. Excellent directory to local Pre-Apprenticeship and Union Apprenticeship options in a variety of construction-related areas. Seattle/ King County 2022.   

Find An Apprenticeship Program in Washington State. Dept of Labor & Industries. 

Federal Apprenticeship Job Finder for options nationwide. 

About Apprenticeships

All About Apprenticeships handout covering the basics.

Introduction to Apprenticeships slideshow from webinar hosted by OSPI 3.20.2024. Video will be posted on waOSPI YouTube channel

Parents' Guide to Apprenticeships  Excellent summary of how apprenticeships work, how parents can help their young people find opportunities, and an outline of major industries that offer apprenticeships. Washington State Labor & Industries. 

Become an Apprentice

Great intro to WA State resources. Includes a handy list of which careers offer apprenticeships. It's not only construction trades! 

Video: Intro to Apprenticeships & Pre-Apprenticehips

Start here:  it's a nice 2-minute overview. 

Video: Pre-Apprenticeships Seattle Area

Watch & learn about a local pre-apprenticeship program. 

Video: Skilled Labor Shortage

PBS NewsHour segment focuses on a plumbing firm in Seattle and other skilled trades training programs, focusing on opportunities, salaries, and perceptions. 

The Apprenticeship Alternative: What You Need to Know

An excellent overview of what apprenticeships involve. "Not your father's apprenticeship" is one main point.