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FAFSA / CSS Help & Resources

SAI Calculator and Explanation of New FAFSA Formulas

For the Class of 2024, the formulation is changing and Student Aid Index is the new EFC. This SAI calculator takes the changes into account so that families can estimate their SAI and see how they will be viewed by colleges. 

FAFSA Transparency 2023-2024 Formula

Use this spreadsheet to figure out approximately what your EFC will be. The author has preprogrammed the formulas used in the FAFSA. 

2023-2024 FAFSA Line by Line Demo

Federal Student Aid's official demonstration. 60 minute video.

2023-2024 FAFSA Step by Step

Recent FAFSA Walkthrough; 110 minutes. Produced 10.2022 by Road2College; includes helpful advice. 

Learn about EFC

Start with Why Your EFC Should be How You Start Your College Search from DIY Rankings. And, view the video or the slides from a Fall 2020 EFC Presentation by George Schneider. For extensive detail on how colleges calculate EFC, see FAFSA EFC vs. Institutional EFC

Official Site for Completing the FAFSA

ONLY use this .gov site to complete your FAFSA! 

Practice FAFSA in PDF Form

Use this PDF as a practice sheet so that you know exactly what will be asked when you complete the 2023-2024 online form. 

FAFSA Worksheet

Not as comprehensive as the Practice FAFSA above, but offers an overview of the 2023-2024 FAFSA sections and information needed. 

FAFSA Videos

Excellent guidance in multiple short videos from Overview of the Financial Aid Process is very good, as are others. 

FAFSA Walkthrough Video

Step by step video from the Road2College Blog.

CSS Profile Help & Resources

CSS Profile Website

The CSS Profile is completed through the College Board.

List of Colleges that use the CSS Profile

A few hundred schools use the Profile. Consult the list. 

CSS Profile Walkthrough

Khan Academy-produced videos for each section.