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Community Service & Volunteering

About Community Service in the Shoreline School District

The Shoreline School Board rescinded the graduation requirement for 40 hours of community service in Spring 2023. Volunteering is no longer required to graduate from Shorewood or Shorecrest High Schools. 

That said, we continue to publicize Community Service Opportunities and track students' hours. 

Current Opportunities:  2023-2024 Shorecrest/ Shorewood Community Service. Note that there are two tabs to the sheet:  Current Events for one-time or short-term options, and Ongoing Opportunities for options that go on for an extended period of time, like during the school year. 

Form to use for tracking your hours:   23-24 Shorewood Community Service Form

Full procedures for submission and details about what counts are outlined on the Community Service Procedures & FAQ page nested under this one. 

Also see Community Service:  Find Your Own and Awards for Community Service for more details. 


General Community Service Instructions

Please do not email your forms or turn them in on paper; they will not be logged.

While we have established relationships with many community organizations, feel free to ask questions about the situations, and do not do anything you are not comfortable with.

  1. Identify an event that will work for you, either on the 2023-2024 Shorecrest/ Shorewood Community Service sheet or with another nonprofit organization. 
  2. Sign up, most often via the email address or link in the entry, then keep your commitment. 
  3. Download a 23-24 Shorewood Community Service Form or pick up one on paper from the Shorewood Career Center. 
  4. Fill the form out completely & have your supervisor sign it when you finish your commitment. 
  5. Turn the form in promptly after your service via your Class of 202x course in Canvas. IMPORTANT:  please add a comment on your upload with:  number of hours, agency served with, date of service. It might be 3 hours YMCA  6/19/23 or 11 hours Shoreline Farmers' Market 6/10-7/12/23.  Also note if you are uploading more than one form. 

Please note that Shoreline School District budget and staffing cuts have affected the behind-the-scenes process at Shorewood. Please understand that it may take several weeks for forms to be logged. You can ensure that processing goes smoothly if you follow procedures for forms and submissions. PLEASE READ the instructions in Canvas when you upload your forms to make sure that you are following procedures. 

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To learn about our program, click through Introduction to Community Service 

Volunteering in an elementary or middle school in the Shoreline School District? 

Submit this online form to volunteer:

Shoreline Schools 2023-2024 Volunteer Application

After submitting your application, allow 2-3 weeks for processing. To verify your status after the processing period has elapsed, please check in with the Office Manager at the school/s you listed in the application.


Seeking High School Volunteers for Your Event?

If you are a nonprofit organization seeking volunteers, please read the guidelines and procedures for having your event listed.

Seeking High School Volunteers from Shorecrest/ Shorewood

We look forward to partnering with you.