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Do You Need Volunteers?

For Nonprofit Organizations Needing Volunteers

Do you have an event that could be supported by Shorewood student volunteers?

If you are with a nonprofit organization and would like student volunteers, please read the guidelines below and then contact us to have your opportunity posted. We need at least three weeks' notice. Email works best. 

Please email the following information in the text of a message to:

Mario Orallo,  at Shorecrest High School and/ or 

Marianne Stephens,  at Shorewood High School  

We prefer at least four weeks' notice in advance of your event; six would be preferable.

Please note that we will:
  • list your events on 2023-2024 Shorecrest/ Shorewood Community Service
    • this is a spreadsheet that we share, so students from both high schools can view it
  • include the events in emails about Community service opportunities; and
  • use posters you provide to advertise your event around the high school buildings.
Note that we are unable to:
  • screen volunteers;
  • gather groups of volunteers for you;
  • forecast how many students will sign up for your event;
  • send an all-student email about a single event;
  • guarantee that all students who sign up will follow through.

Please provide an announcement written for a student audience. In order for us to fit the information into our 2023-2024 Shorecrest/ Shorewood Community Service sheet, it must be brief. Pieces of information needed: 

  • The name of your organization and/or event.
  • Dates and times when volunteerism would be performed.
  • Location/ address where project/tasks will be performed.
  • Description of duties, including any perks.
  • Primary contact person. Students will contact you if they are interested in volunteering for the event
  • Contact phone and email
  • URL of nonprofit organization website/ appropriate page
  • Optional:  an electronic document (PDF) that we can link to so that students can see more information than will fit on the sheet. 
  • Optional:  printed posters or flyers we can post at school. These can be snail-mailed to us at our high schools as we have limited color printing available. 
  • Optional:  if you are giving at least one month’s notice, provide a .jpg or .png to be a part of a continuous slideshow. Aspect ratio should be 16:9 (preferred, to fit our screen) or 4:3 aspect ratio (same as a horizontal 11” x 8.5” paper format) 
Please note the following restrictions/ conditions: 
  • Student service must be performed with a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization. 
  • Students may not go to a private for-profit business or to a private home. 
  • Students must be supervised by an adult over 21.
  • Students may not drive as part of the community service. 
  • Hours must be earned outside of academic class time. Lunch is okay in some circumstances, but at no other time during the school day. 
  • Students should not be fundraising, though exceptions apply. Please see Ms. Stephens about details. Most Spree and Boosters activities are permitted with advance approval. Students should not handle money directly, and should not make the "ask" at events. 
  • Religious Activities--proselytizing, reading religious verses, offering religious instruction, being an acolyte, or participating in church choirs--do not count as community service. However, helping with social, childcare or business functions at a religious facility will count. 

Thank you for your cooperation!

Mario Orallo, College & Career Specialist,   Shorecrest High School, 15343 25th Ave NE, Shoreline, WA 98155

Marianne Stephens, College & Career Specialist,   Shorewood High School, 17300 Fremont Ave N, Shoreline, WA  98133