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Awards for Community Service

President's Volunteer Service Award

This award is for a high number of hours within the designated interval.

  • This award is NOT for cumulative hours over multiple years or grades in high school
  • Students may earn this award any year of high school
  • Students must apply for this award. It is not automatic 

The application for the 2024 award is now closed. The application for 2025 will open in January 2025. 

Eagle w red white blue shield within circle of words President's Volunteer Service Award

2024 President's Volunteer Service Award

The award interval for the 2024 awards will be from March 1, 2023 - February 29, 2024. Hours completed before March 1, 2023 do not count in your totals. To qualify, you must complete:

  • at least 50 hours of service during this interval if you are under 16
  • at least 100 hours during this interval if you are 16 or over

This award is not for cumulative hours over your years in high school, only for a qualifying number of hours within the designated interval. Check the chart at the bottom of this page for award levels. 

To apply for the award, you fill out the application linked on this page. Each year it will be posted in mid-January. Note that there is nothing in our system that shows which students are eligible. Students will not get an award if they do not apply for it. 

Students who expect to get the award must have been doing service and turning in their forms in a timely fashion. Do not save up your forms to turn in when you are applying. If you have no forms for the service interval on record, your application will not be approved. 

Note the details 

  • Community service forms must be turned in in order for your service to count for the award. Please respect the need for processing time. In general, turn in forms for the award by February 10. Only forms for service performed in the last part of February should be turned in at the end of that month.
  • You do not need to wait for processing to fill out the application. 
  • Forms must be submitted through the student's Canvas Class of 202x course. Look under Assignments and follow all upload instructions.  
  • If you are in 9th grade and some of your hours were served before you started at Shorewood, connect with Ms. Stephens in the Career Center. 
  • Awards are not automatic; there is no alert in the system when a student accrues enough hours in the designated interval.
  • Eligible students must fill out the award application and turn it in by the deadline. 
  • If students are not certain if they are eligible, they should turn in any community service forms and check in the Career Center. 
  • Age groups for the awards are based on the student's age for at least seven months of the year-long award interval.


Awards Sponsored by the Gift of Giving Foundation

The Gift of Giving Foundation is a group of former Shorecrest parents who act as the sponsoring organization for Shorecrest, Shorewood, Kellogg, and Einstein. We are grateful for their sponsorship of the President's Volunteer Service Award program. 


Awards in Prior Years

Each year, 50 - 100 Shorewood students receive this award. These students:  

  • met the hour requirements below;
  • turned in forms soon after they completed service;
  • were attentive to notices about the awards;
  • took the initiative to fill out the required paperwork.

Certificates are usually presented in June. 


About the National Program

For more information about the President's Volunteer Service Award program, see the national site,

Award Criteria

Volunteer hours must be earned within a 12-month period. For Shorewood and Shorecrest, the interval is from March 1 to February 28. The following are the eligibility requirements / award levels for each age group:

Age Award Hours   Age Award


11-15 Bronze 50 – 74 16 to 25 Bronze 100 – 174
11-15 Silver 75 – 99 16 to 25 Silver 175 – 249
11-15 Gold 100 + 16 to 25 Gold 250 +

Certificates Awarded for Cumulative Hours

Certificates will be awarded at the end of senior year according to the number of cumulative hours as of May 1 senior year
Hours are counted in the Canvas Class of 202x course. Students must have performed service and turned in their hours throughout high school according to our procedures. 

These awards are automatic if a student has followed Shorewood procedures and their hours are counted in Canvas.

Certificate of Merit for 40+ Hours
Certificate of Distinction for 80+ Hours

If students have reached these levels before spring of senior year and hours are documented in Canvas, they may include the award on their resumes or applications. 

Award Presentation

Students who earn these certificates will be recognized as a group, usually during the final awards assembly in June. The groups of students for each certificate will be asked to stand together for recognition. Graduates will receive their certificate when they pick up their diploma after the end of the school year.