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Career Exploration and College Planning with Scoir

"College" is used broadly and includes many postsecondary options, not only traditional college

Scoir Rollout 

Scoir is accessible to all students via Classlink. We are introducing Scoir by grade level: 

  • Grade 12 was invited to Scoir starting in June 2023
  • Grade 11 was invited to Scoir starting in October 2023
  • Grade 10 will be invited to Scoir in January 2024
  • Grade 9 will be invited to Scoir in February or March 2024


How to Log In 

Student Scoir Access

  1. Go to Classlink
  2. Select the Scoir tile, then
  3. Log on via Google

If these steps do not work, see Ms. Stephens in the Career Center. For some students--those who have taken a class at Shorecrest--Classlink does not provide direct access. 

Parent/Guardian Scoir Access

Parent/ Guardians will have Scoir Accounts. When their students' grade level is introduced to the platform, parents will also be invited.  When the invitation comes, you will be able to set up your own password. Students can also invite their parent/ guardian. See Inviting Your Parents/ Guardians

Please note that parents will need to have these accounts activated in order to sign (electronically) the FERPA Release if & when their senior students apply to colleges.

Scoir Use by Grade Level

Since all students have access to Scoir, they are welcome to use the Discover option to explore careers and colleges at any time. Please note the following: 

9th Grade will do the Career Interest Assessment

in Scoir as part of their HSBP 9 assignment, which also has a component in the Canvas Class of 20xx course. This Career Interest Assessment can be taken multiple times. 

10th Grade will do the PrinciplesYou Assessment

in Scoir as part of their HSBP 10 assignment which will be completed when they visit the Career Center in January of their 10th grade year. Please note that this assessment can only be completed once, so please hold off until you visit the Career Center with your English 10 class. There is also a component of the assignment in the Canvas Class of 20xx.

11th Grade students should develop their career and college lists

All juniors should have several possible careers saved in Scoir, and if they are considering college, they should be following 5-10 colleges. 


12th Grade students will use Scoir if they are applying to any sort of colleges

Scoir functions as an application manager for students. And, Scoir is how school staff know: 

  • where students are applying
  • when they are applying
  • how they are applying (via Common App or another platform)
  • what documents will need from Shorewood
  • if they have completed the FERPA Release 

and, Scoir is how we send materials to colleges on students' behalf.

For more on Scoir and College Applications, see the College Applications page. 


Scoir can be a College Application 

A few seniors may even use Scoir as their college application. This option will not be efficient for most students, but if most of the colleges on a student's list use the Scoir Application, they could elect to use it. As of December 2023, 142 colleges use the Scoir application. 

Scoir logo in blue


Student Guides

All Shorewood students can access Scoir via Classlink

Student Checklists

These go beyond what is necessary but if you are motivated, go ahead: 


Parents/ Guardian Accounts