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Why have a Resume? 

  • To use to apply for a job 
  • To use for a scholarship
  • To use when applying to college
  • To use for any kind of interview:  informational, college admissions, employment 
  • To complete your Senior High School & Beyond Plan


Which tools should you use?  

There are many options, each with advantages and disadvantages. No matter which tool you use to create your resume, always submit it as a PDF

  • Use the Shorewood templates
  • Create a Google doc on your own 
  • Use Canva, Word, or another tool/ free online template, though you do not need anything fancy

Templates are not perfect; make sure the formatting is consistent and your resume is orderly and easy to read. Also be sure that you replace all of the stock text with your information. 


How important are the details? 

Very important. You must make sure that your resume is polished, error free, and meets standard. 

What is a Cover Letter and how do I write one? 

A professional and job-specific cover letter could make you stand out. Follow the advice and formatting samples on Indeed's Cover Letters for Teenagers Guide.

Above all, describe how YOU are the answer to the institution's needs. 

Sections on Your Resume

Must Have at the Top
  • Contact Information:  email & phone only; no street address
  • Education:  school attending and expected graduation year 
Strongly Suggested
  • Statement of Purpose or Summary
  • Skills and Strengths
  • Experience
  • Activities
Optional (customize as appropriate)
  • Work Experience
  • Volunteer Experience
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Awards/ Certificates
  • Skills/ Academic Achievement
  • Music/ Artistic Achievement
  • Athletic Achievement
  • References
  • Leadership
  • Additional Information

Do's for Resumes

  • Know that you have skills & experiences worth noting
  • Be brief
  • Be neat
  • Use a simple layout
  • Lead descriptions with active verbs:  "managed the cash register,"  "led games and lessons" 
  • Proofread & seek feedback
  • Keep it updated & handy
  • Submit as a PDF 
  • Title with your name as the file name, like Stormy Ray Resume 2.2024

Don'ts for Resumes

  • Be fancy
  • Use more than two fonts/ styles
  • Use graphics or extra lines
  • Be too brief; a resume isn't just a list
  • Be wordy; a resume isn't an essay
  • Use "I" statements with full sentences and paragraphs. 
  • Make things up
  • Go too far back in time
  • Submit as a screenshot, jpg, or MS Word document
  • Name it "Resume" without your name, which doesn't link it to you. 
sample resume with formatting annotations

Sample above from Resume Rubric and Sample