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Video Library

Videos below are mostly from Shorewood events. For a broader video selection featuring national experts, see the College Guidance Network Shorewood Library. Also see Recommended Resources for college-related materials, and our pages on particular topics which include a variety of outside resources. 

2024 Dual Credit Night Webinar

Click through the 2024 Dual Credit Night Presentation and view the video below. 

Dual Credit Night Video 2.29.2024


Annual Dual Credit Night Webinar February 29, 2024. Staff overview of Advanced Placement, Career & Technical Education, College in the High School, and Running Start options at Shorewood High School. Participants:  Counselor Gina Engle, English Teacher Dana Knox, Math Teacher Marie Marapao, Counselor Hannah Sands, Counselor Julia Shin, College & Career Specialist Marianne Stephens.

Deciphering Your Financial Aid Offer 3.15.2022


Session guides families through a financial aid offer and offers advice for communicating with colleges and navigating the $$ part of college.

The Role of the Essay in College Admissions 6.15.2021


What do admissions officers look for in an essay? Learn how to show your qualities and abilities through your writing. Features Mt. Holyoke College Senior Director of Admission Nichole Reynolds. Part of the 2021 Shorewood High School Write & Ready College Application & Essay Workshop.

Grade 9 Videos March 2024

9th Grade SAS classes provide delivery for these video lessons. Students who miss those days can use the two videos below to guide themselves.

For the HSBP Assignment, which is part of the WA State High School & Beyond Plan Graduation Requirement, students could use this Grade 9 Scoir Intro & HSBP Assignment presentation in addition to or instead of the video if they wish.  

Grade 9 Intro to Career Center


March 2024 video lesson walking students through the March 22 College & Career Update and so introducing the work of the SW College & Career Center. 

Grade 9 Scoir Intro & HSBP Assignment


Guides Class of 2027 students through completion of HSBP 9.1, the first High School & Beyond Plan assignment in the state graduation requirement. Uses both Canvas and Scoir, our college & career exploration platform. 

Future Options Videos

Though these videos are from a couple of years ago, the content is almost all still valid. 

Career and College Options for Students with IEPs and 504s


Recording of Shorecrest High School webinar from 2021 on career and college options for students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) or 504 Plans. 

Out of the Box Series #1: Possibilities 3.24.2021


Introduction to a series that showcases several after high school options that are not standard college:  career training, apprenticeship, and certificate programs.

Out of the Box Series #2: Career Training


Session showcases two career training programs:  Job Corps and Year Up. 

Out of the Box Series #3: Apprenticeships


Session discusses both Pre-Apprenticeships and Apprenticeships. Showcases ANEW which is in south Puget Sound, one of the two main Pre-Apprenticeship programs we recommend. The other is the Edmonds College Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Program which started just after we had the series. 

Out of the Box #4: Certificate Programs


Session featured guests from several local community colleges. The guests discuss what professional/ technical programs are, highlight a few of their programs, and make suggestions for students. Professional/ technical programs are also called certificate programs. They are more concentrated than degree programs.