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Counselor Letters of Recommendation - College Applications

Counselor Letters of Recommendation for College Applications

It is the responsibility of the student to confirm that a letter of recommendation from a counselor is required as part of their university application/s. Not all schools require letters, or they may require letters only from teachers. If you are applying via the Common Application it is much more likely that your university will require a counselor letter.  

It IS NOT necessary to request a counselor letter of recommendation in SCOIR the same way a letter is requested of a teacher. Counselor materials are included with school-provided documents like transcripts and the school profile. Please DO NOT request a counselor recommendation through the Common App directly. 

Counselors need your help to ensure your recommendation is strong - we know different students to varying degrees. Provide your counselor with a completed Counselor Brag Sheet (make a copy of this doc to edit) no later than three (3) weeks prior to your first deadline. Type the answers to the questions. You need not answer every question at length. Spend the most time on the questions that apply to you the most or that get to what you would like the recommender to emphasize. Our goal is to speak to evidence of academic growth, skill development, application of learning in the world, or connections across disciplines - we don't simply want to recount your transcript by listing classes taken. Your effort on the brag sheet has a direct impact on the letters of recommendation!

Email your brag sheet answers to your counselor. Be sure to include the date of your earliest application deadline.

Letters for deadlines between December 26 and Jan 15 must be requested (with accompanying Brag Sheet) by December 4, 2023. All such documents will be submitted to colleges prior to winter break!

See more about teacher letters of recommendation via the College/Career Center Website.