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Running Start

Current Shorewood students interested in Running Start, or already participating in Running Start, complete all the paperwork required by Shorewood (and find application and college information) via Canvas. Students who indicated interest in Running Start during course registration have access to this Canvas course. Shorewood students who do not have access to the 24-25 Running Start Canvas can see their counselor to be added.

Learn more about Running Start:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What are the differences between dual enrollment options (Running Start, AP, College in the High School, and CTE dual credit? Remember that many students may pursue dual enrollment via multiple options.

A:  Please see the following sources of information regarding the similarities and distinctions between these opportunities:

Q:  Should I try Running Start?

A:  There is no easy answer to this question. Among things to consider are whether you plan to stay in Washington State to go to college; whether you can handle a faster-pace class; whether you can organize your schedule at SCC around sports or clubs that you want to be involved in at Shorewood. Students interested in attending Running Start full time will likely have different answers to these questions than those who are only looking to fulfill a PE or Art requirement.

Possible reasons for a YES:

  • You want to go to an in-state public 4-year university after SW (out of state and private schools do not guarantee the acceptance of community college credits, so you’ll need to check with the schools to which you are applying).
  • You want to save money on tuition.
  • You want to take care of PE/Art/Occupational credits that you don’t have room for at Shorewood.
  • You are looking for a faster pace academically.

Possible reasons for a NO:

  • You are aiming for a 4-year out of state top-tier university or college.
  • You enjoy the high school experience as it is and are active in many clubs or ASB leadership.
  • The pace of high school is just about right for you – Running Start begins a permanent college record, and the courses are accelerated.
  • You appreciate easy and consistent access to instructors and in-person classes

Q:  Will Running Start credits transfer to 4-year colleges/ universities?

A:  For in-state public college yes.  For private and out of state universities and 4-year colleges, it depends.  It is up to the institution.  Check with a few of the schools you might be interested in attending to see if they will accept Running Start credits.  In some cases, AP courses might be better for attending school out of state.

Q: Can I still play on a Shorewood sports team?

A: Yes, as long as your schedule allows you to attend practices and games, you are eligible to play for Shorewood.

Q: Can I be in ASB leadership as a full-time Running Start student?

A: Yes, but it can be very challenging balancing your college classes with the many responsibilities of ASB leaders who are involved with assemblies and other on-campus activities.

Q: Can I participate in Newspaper or Yearbook as a full-time Running Start student?

A:  Generally speaking, yes, but the most effective newspaper and yearbook students are on campus.