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digital image of various calendars
Rachel Belfield

Next year's school district one-pager and digital calendars are live.

The 2024-25 school year one-page calendars of important dates are now available, and these dates are now in the district and school website calendars as well.

Calendar One-Pagers


One-page calendar (color) | One-page calendar (black and white)


Fechas importantes del ciclo escolar 2024-2025 (color) | Fechas importantes del ciclo escolar 2024-2025 (blanco y negro)

Digital Calendar Options

On the district calendar page, you can print a monthly calendar view as well as find options to add to your own digital calendaring system. When printing, you can select portrait or landscape to work best, and you can adjust margins or scale for your printer and paper size.

Also on the district calendar page, you can see and subscribe to the calendar for events and dates such as early release Wednesdays and school breaks, using the gray "RSS" button. And this page hosts PDFs of both color and black-and-white versions of the one-page calendar that is linked above. You can also sort to your school calendar(s) on the district calendar page using the "Schools" tab and print or subscribe to their calendar, or do so directly on each school's online calendar page.

If you print a calendar, keep in mind that new events may be added, and schedules do occasionally change due to snow days and other factors. Make sure to also subscribe or to check the online calendar regularly to ensure you always have the latest information for your family.

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